Gardening Gloves | Rose Pruning | Weed Pulling | Planting Shrubs Bushes & Trees | Dead Rodent Removal | Handling Biting Animals | Multi-Purpose | Moving Heavy Objects | Great For Tailgate BBQ

$20 (as of April 3, 2018, 8:15 am) $11

INGREDIENTS: Includes (1) pair of silicone gardening gloves. These garden buddies will allow you to grab hard to pull deep rooted weeds, lift heavy objects, and much more in the garden while protecting hands.
VERSATILE: These multi-purpose gloves are equipped with a no-slip five finger design which also easily opens sauces and seasonings jars with ease. Keep a set in storage for camping too, great for outdoor BBQ equipment as well as indoor kitchen.
DURABLE: Made from high quality silicone material, these washable gloves will protect your hands from sharp objects in the soil while gardening. 100% FDA approved and FBA free. Safe to protect your hands from all hot things like hot dishwater or steaks that are ready to be turned on the barbecue grill.